With so many artists out

there in the world, I honestly can say choosing the ones I find most appealing

within the music community is quite hard. From a young age I would critique

almost everything I came into contact with in the industry. However, when I

find artists like Kraziak I cannot help but to take an immediate interest.

When first meeting him on the 4/5 Tour earlier this year I knew right off the bat that he was what you would consider a truly humble artist. He was very engaging with those who took notice of his art, but never once appeared to try to be above anyone else. You could easily tell he cared about the music as well as his fans more than anything. This was truly an admirable quality and thus I quickly picked up two of the CDs he had whilst on tour.

When Muzik Medisin was announced I quickly went about getting my copy. Unfortunately I was unable to get a physical copy at the time, thus I picked up an electronic copy from iTunes. Throwing my headphones on, I began my journey into what I can honestly say is definitely one of my favorite CDs of 2017.


Muzik Medisin really delves deep into the mind of those who have gone through different mental health situations. It’s a highly relatable album and I couldn’t be any prouder to own it. Most CDs, even with me being hard into music, I can only listen to a few of the songs. However, Muzik Medisin I can honestly listen to from start to finish.


The album starts you down a low path after a calming Intro with The Anxiety and The Unwanted. From there it builds into a harsher feel as you get to songs such as Poisonous Sounds Ft Psychopathic’s own Big Hoodoo and Anger Management Ft Skribbal. Finally as we hit the plateau of the album we get more melodic songs. These continue to show us just how much music can truly be a help to get us through the darkness. This list includes the album’s title track Muzik Medisin ft the beautiful vocals of Dezaray H. After the Outro we are given a handful of extra songs coming from a mix of emotions. These include fun party songs to dark, think twice songs. The features include artist like Lil Wyte, Big Hoodoo, and Project Pat.


In the end, I feel this album truly gives us a feeling and understanding of just how much music connects us all.  Even when we are in some of our darker moments, we can conquer them. The Intro and Outro to this album give a soothing and even knowledgeable understanding to how music has been used through out time to help many. Kraziak uses this great knowledge during this album to help build and show us that music is truly a healing art for all of us.

Kraziak – Muzik Medisin




Muzik Medisin review:

By: Laura Franksain

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